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5 Ways To Style Coffee Table Books

“A stack of coffee table books is a chic, elegant, intellectual look that can add character to most any living room while also revealing volumes about the character of the person who lives there.” -Patrick Delanty, Designer

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Coffee table books are one of our favorite ways to personality to any space and we use them in nearly every room! Not only can they provide inspiration, but they can also be an element of height in any console, built-in, or on coffee tables! Our current favorites are Interiors, AD 100, and Suzanne Kasler: Timeless Style. Keep reading for some inspiration on how to style your coffee table book!

No. 1 On Coffee Tables

When styling on coffee tables we love to incorporate books in unexpected ways to tell the story of the space and the people living in it. We like to create groupings of them in stacks to center a long rectangular table. They can bring height to decorative objects, and they can even be opened to a page that speaks to you. We love to style an open book on a page with beautiful photography! This is one of our favorite book easels. Find books that show your interests! For example design, golf, photography, travel, etc…

No. 2 In Built-Ins

When we are styling built-ins, coffee table books are the first accessory we start with! We love to mix up horizontal and veritable stacks to create a base of height and interest and layer them into corners that need filling. We love these white linen books that are perfect for styling your built-ins!

No. 3 On The Nightstand

Stacking coffee table books on nightstands are a great way to add interest to a bottom shelf or next to a lamp to switch up the levels!

No. 4 On The Entryway Table

Your entryway table is the perfect place to introduce your style that continues throughout the rest of your home, and expressional coffee table books are an easy way to showcase what you love. We love design or fashion books, but don’t shy away from incorporating books that bring attention to your interests and surroundings. This is another spot we love to use this acrylic easel to display beautiful book!

No. 5 In The Kitchen

While you may not think about styling books in your kitchen, it can be a great way to soften the space and make it feel more conversational. Style your favorite cookbooks on open shelving or use an easel to display a recipe you love!

Photo by Mark Freezer (www.394media.com)

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