What Is In Our Design Tool Kit

One of the best parts of being an interior designer is being able to see the whole design come together in real life

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On install days we are typically are on our feet for hours on end styling and thoughtfully placing each piece. There are so many things we need to bring with us to be sure those days goes as smoothly as possible! Keep reading to know all the essentials we have in our Design Tool Kit. Not only are these items great for designers to have on hand, but also anyone who loves at home styling, remodeling, or hanging new pieces!

  1. This 13 piece duster set will last you forever! We love to use it after staging to make sure everything looks the cleanest and the best! And only $20!
  2. YOU NEED THIS if you every hang art! This little tool makes hanging art the easiest thing in the world! This is a life saver on install days. Only $14.99
  3. We love to stock on faux plants to add little accessories to help a home feel finished! Find this one at target for only $30
  4. This little nail kit is an essential for hanging things! We love this set from amazon for $12.99
  5. Another Target faux plant we love for only $5.99
  6. These microfiber rags are so great for cleaning up the last little bit of dust! We love to have these on hand! Get them on amazon for $15.50
  7. We always keep extra candles on hand to add to coffee tables or spaces that need a little more. This is one of our favorites from target for $14.99
  8. We love using windex to add some extra shine to every surface! $6.35
  9. This little aloe is one of the perfect staging faux plants! It adds that little bit of color to a space. Find this one at target for $10
  10. This target candle not only smells amazing but it’s the perfect accessory for any room! $12.99
  11. Whenever we hang art in a home it’s very important that it is hung correctly. We love these drywall anchors for heavier art that needs a little extra support. $8.99
  12. Bathrooms deserve some decor as well and making sure every room feels finished is very important to us! Having extra hand towels on hand is definitely a priority! Find these at target for $7.99
  13. We love bringing this dyson with us on an install day! Because it is so light and narrow transporting from job to job is a breeze! $685 (but worth every penny!)
  14. We love this faux plant from target. It is perfect for any time of year and is an amazing price. $5
  15. This light and small hammer is so great for packing and transferring around! Definitely something you want to have on hand! $8.99
  16. This candle is one of our go to’s. The packaging is stunning, it smells amazing, and it looks so chic on any table! $19.95

Thank you so much for reading! Let us know if you use any of these items in your design kit and share on social media using #HouseWestDesignToolKit