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Our Guide To Bedding

All of our tips and tricks to creating a well curated bed!

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What makes a bed cozy and inviting? Although sheets, duvets and pillows are essential components, learning how to layer a bed will help you create an impressive experience that you and your guests will love. From the mattress topper to sheets to the perfect throw, here’s how to to style a bed that looks as good as it feels.

Layering Is Essential


There are different ways to make your bed, depending on your style preference as well as the season. But you’ll always want a comfortable base with clean lines, plus premium layers you can drape, fold and stack to achieve the most beautiful bed! The foundation of a great night’s sleep starts with your mattress, but a mattress topper offers the ability to customize your sleep experience and adds a protective layer between you and your mattress. When selecting the perfect mattress we recommend laying on them in person to feel for what you like the best.

Bed Sheets

Next are the sheets! The sheeting layer is essential because it’s the part of the bed you’ll come in contact with the most, so make sure you choose high-quality sheets. You’ll need a fitted sheet — that’s the sheet with the elastic around the edges — and a top sheet if you prefer one. Always keep in mind what the sheets are made out of. Here’s our tips for each type of material.

Tencel – A very breathable material that dissipates temperature throughout the night. It is made in a very sustainable way and has a nice smooth feel.

Linen – Linen balances temperature. It has a unique feel, durable and lasts a long time. It gets softer with every wash. It’s has a relaxed look with more texture.

Bamboo – A great option for temperature regulating as well! It has a high quality at an affordable price point.

Cotton – Nothing is more classic than a cotton sheet set. It is naturally breathable and absorbent and has a nice crisp feel when you climb in.

Quilts Or Coverlets

Especially during warmer times of the year we like to dress beds in quilts or coverlets. They add a thinner layer of comfort especially for warmer sleepers! We recommend keeping this layer a neutral, it will be easier to style with and will always match everything else you choose to layer with it!


And then of course we add on a duvet. Here’s where you have the chance to start showing off your personal style. Using a Down Duvet Insert will help you create that fluffy, cloudlike bed, and a Down Alternative Duvet Insert offers a hypoallergenic alternative for those with allergies! We like to fold the duvet in halves or thirds and lay it at the bottom of the bed. Or in the winter lay it over the entire bed for added warmth.


When you’re considering how to layer your bed, pillows are essential: They add color, volume, dimension, style and of course, comfort. So how many do you need? The number depends on appearance as well as comfort, but there are certain types of pillows you’ll want to include when layering any bed. We like to start with two sleeping pillows and two shams. Our favorite sleeping pillows right now (that we recommend to all our clients) is the Coop pillow! You can add or take out any of the filling for a softer or more dense pillow. We often keep bed styling simple with only adding a lumbar or body pillow after the two shams!

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Throw Blankets

And last but not least is the throw blanket! Depending on the time of year you may want more than one layered throw on your bed! We love to bring in thick textures with our throw blankets. When selecting a good throw keep in mind scale! You will want something big enough to fit from one side of the bed to the other.