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Our Guide To Curating Artwork For Your Home

Artwork brings any room to life and there’s nothing better than finding the perfect piece of artwork to complete your space.

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Artwork brings any room to life and there’s nothing better than finding the perfect piece of artwork to complete your space. Not only does art have the ability to pull colors and styles together, but it also adds some personality and character wherever it’s placed. Whether you have your own artwork collection that you’ve collected over the years, are looking for the best place to hang your family photos, or want to refresh your walls with new pieces, sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to commit to that perfect spot!

Art is an ice breaker and conversation starter. It really tells the story of your home and is the best way to enhance a mood. Keep reading for all our tips for curating artwork for your home.

No. 1 Decide What Kind Of Art You Like

It may sound obvious but art is the most challenging layer of design because most people don’t know what they even like. So, start by figuring out what YOU like. You can do this by going to museums, galleries, and art shows to determine what moves you. You can also spend time on Pinterest exploring and checking out other designers art boards. We recommend a mix of graphic, painting, texture/tactile, sculpture, and photography. The best homes and galleries are the ones where all of the mediums live together in the same space.

One thing that we have found is that people either love or don’t love figures and animals in their art. Be open to it and find new ways to incorporate these pieces because they can be storytellers. Figures are “very designer” at the moment. Even if you don’t like portraiture, find a subject you like so your pieces don’t feel like condo art and it has soul. We love to incorporate art sketches in our designs!

No. 2 Pay Attention To Scale

Scale is everything with art! Trust us when we say that you’re going to want to go bigger than you think. For a really clean look, go more substantial to fill the space. This is by no means a “rule” just a helpful hint for making styling a little more “foolproof.” When you have multiple spaces for art, change up your scale so each art grouping doesn’t compete with another. If you fill a wall with oversized artwork, then consider using a group of smaller pieces or a stack elsewhere so your room doesn’t look like just a bunch of massive rectangles.

No. 3 Pull Colors From The home

When deciding what kind of art to do in your home pay attention to the color palette. Use a similar colors in your art to pull the design together!

No. 4 Collect Art On Your Travels

Art tells your story, so use it to remember a place or moment. While you’re traveling, look for something unique. Consider buying from a street artist after visiting for a few minutes. That piece of art will always take you back to that place. Vintage art is also really special and soulful. There’s something to be said for art that has been passed down. While not all of your pieces need to be original, the ones that are will mean more to you. You’ll be proud of them and pass along those memories and stories. We love to go thrift shopping and find small scale landscape art to put in unexpected places!

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